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Inmotion V13 Challenger

Delivery in April 2023

Kingsong S22 Pro Eagle - 2220Wh

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You have already seen these funny machines go by or you already know, you may even practice. We are obviously talking about electric monowheels, also called gyrowheels. This word is made up of the word wheel associated with the prefix gyro, meaning rotation. According to the Wiktionary, it is therefore a light machine for personal transport with an electric motor, which consists of a self-stabilized wheel by gyroscopic effect and placed between two retractable footrests on which the user stands. , and which is driven by body movements.
Thus, you will have to lean forward to accelerate and lean back to brake. To turn left or right, you will need to turn your shoulders in the desired direction.
After a few hours of training, you will therefore benefit from a new means of ecological and non-polluting transport.

We distribute two of the main brands on the market, in direct relation with official importers: Inmotion France and Kingsong France. You will find their entire range available, ranging from 14” models to 20” or 22” models.
Whether you are a beginner, or on the contrary, we have the wheel that suits you: small and easy to handle for freestyle, with or without suspension for maximum comfort...
The capacity of the battery will allow you to make your choice according to the autonomy and the desired speed.
We have our own stock of spare parts in order to be able to provide warranty support and repairs to our products. These are guaranteed for two years as indicated on our dedicated page.

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