Second-hand electric unicycles

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Second-hand electric unicycles

Green220, it's also second-hand electric unicycles! So if you want to get into the world of electric wheels, without breaking your piggy bank, we've got you covered.

Our second-hand electric unicycles

If you want to buy an electric unicycle while saving your wallet, opt for a second-hand unicycle! While some of our second-hand products are the result of tests carried out in partnership with Hirsute or Électron, influencers of the wheel, others are virtually new products returned by our customers.

Once the products have been recovered, they pass through the hands of our experts and undergo an overhaul and reconditioning. They are then offered for sale in their complete condition, including the original charger.

To give you a general idea of the condition of our electric unicycles, we can provide you with detailed photos on request. Despite variable stocks, keep up to date with available items at all times by contacting us. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

In short, Green220 offers exceptional discounts on second-hand Kingsong and Inmotion electric unicycles. With a 6-month guarantee, our electric gyroroues are the ideal solution for getting started on electric wheels without breaking the bank.

A gesture for your piggy bank and the planet

Buying second-hand products means giving a second chance to products destined to be thrown away. As well as saving you money, it's a concrete gesture in favour of the environment. By choosing to buy second-hand from us, you are actively helping to reduce your carbon footprint, a priority for Green 220.

In compliance with the law, our products are sold limited to 25 km/h.