Second-hand electric scooters

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Second-hand electric scooters

Looking for a low-cost electric scooter to get started without breaking the bank? We've got the scooter for you in stock.

Our used electric scooters

With a 6-month guarantee, our electric scooters are the perfect way to buy without putting a hole in your wallet. Most of our second-hand products come from customers who have returned their equipment under their right of withdrawal. In other cases, the products are loaned and used by influencers (Hirsute, Électron) as part of partnerships.

Don't worry, once received, products from brands such as Inmotion or Kingsong are systematically overhauled and reconditioned by our experts in their workshop. They are then sold in their complete condition with their original charger.

To give you an idea of the general condition of the product, we can provide you with photos on request. Please note that our second-hand products are available from variable stocks. If you would like to be kept informed of the availability of our various products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be delighted to get back to you.

A small gesture for your wallet, a big step for the planet

Buying second-hand means giving a second life to a product destined for the skip. As well as giving you financial relief, it's also a way of helping the environment. It's a mission that Green 220 takes very much to heart.

We firmly believe that responsible consumption is the key to preserving our planet. Come and buy second-hand at Green 220 and help reduce your carbon footprint. Join us in our commitment to a more sustainable future!

Products sold in accordance with the law and limited to 25 km/h.