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What is a robotic lawnmower?

A robotic lawnmower is, as its name suggests, an autonomous mowing robot designed to make it easier to look after your lawn. It is equipped with advanced technologies (artificial intelligence, sensors, Bluetooth) that enable it to act without human intervention.

These products are specifically designed to mow your lawn optimally and efficiently. They adapt their route according to your terrain, its specific features and obstacles. They also detect the boundaries of your garden. While some have a perimeter cable and others are wireless, the result is the same: precision and uniformity.

These are 100% intelligent machines that feature the "mulching" effect, an excellent cutting technique for your lawn. These innovative machines are designed to simplify life by enabling their owners to do away with what many consider to be a thankless task.

Our products

At Green 220, you'll find several models of robotic lawnmowers from Ambrogio, an Italian manufacturer renowned for its cutting-edge products. We offer the Ambrogio Green range, which consists of four different models:

Each of these models designed by Ambrogio has a single aim: to meet the specific needs of users.

Why opt for a robotic mower?

There are a number of reasons to make a robotic lawnmower part of your daily routine:

  • Robotic lawnmowers operate autonomously, saving you precious time that you can devote to other activities.
  • Robotic mowers are precise, regular and uniform in their work. You're sure to get a better result than with a conventional thermal mower.
  • They're easy to use and install, and can be programmed remotely from your smartphone.
  • Mulching acts as a natural fertiliser for your lawn, reducing waste and encouraging it to grow.
  • Robotic mowers are designed for safe mowing, as evidenced by the engine cut-off button usually found on the bonnet. Thanks to the technology they are equipped with, they will avoid obstacles and stop if they are dropped or lifted.

When you choose a robotic lawnmower, you're choosing a reliable, high-performance machine that will look after your garden and keep your lawn healthy at the same time.