Produits d'ocasion

The Green Day

We do not yet display the scooters and unicycles selected for The Green Day

Feel free to search or contact us for a specific request.



This is the monthly event you will love to look forward to! You can mark it in your diary, follow our Facebook event and subscribe to our newsletter!

So, what is Green Day? Well, it's very simple.

Every 22nd of the month, you'll find an AMAZING offer on one of our flagship products. This offer is valid from 0h01 to 23h59, so you only have 24 hours to take advantage of it! And don't ask Camille to take advantage of it "later", she won't be able to help you. And no, she won't be able to tell you the product of the month in advance either! It is classified as a secret, so the surprise is complete.

An Inmotion scooter or a Teverun electric scooter? A Kingsong scooter or a Hiley electric scooter? Honestly, we are spoilt for choice. Whether it's an offer on the new Inmotion Climber scooter, or an ultra-consistent discount on the new Kingsong KS S22 Eagle Pro, each product is meticulously chosen to please you. We may be offering the new Hiley Tiger dual-motor electric scooters - or perhaps one of the Teverun by Dualtron range of sporty and powerful electric scooters. Of course we won't forget our friends the wheelers with probably exceptional offers on our 2 flagship brands, the Kingsong scooters and the Inmotion scooters!

Don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas, or leave us a comment on our social networks! So... what do you think will be the product of the month?