The beginner's guide to the electric unicycle

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  • STEP 1

It is best to stand next to a pole and learn to ride the wheel. It is important to find the right balance and measure the weight of your wheel on your support leg. Then, feel free to do pendulum movements while holding onto the pole.

  • STEP 2

Relax, straighten up, look away. Now it's time to swing from one pole to another (a human can also be used as a pole). Learn how to manage the weight transfer when you are on the wheel, i.e. braking and accelerating. Remember to stay upright.

  • STEP 3

You've learned how to go from pole to pole? Now learn how to go around them! In a gyrocaravan, you will turn with your shoulders and, above all, by looking in the desired direction. When you want to turn, rotate your shoulders. Your pelvis will then follow, and then the wheel.

  • STEP 4

Learn the "scooter start". You have learned to ride the wheel, that's good. Now you will have to push yourself in order to give speed to your start and gain in ease. To do this, place your support leg on the wheel and move forward by tilting your other foot to the tip. Repeat the movement several times until you are ready to go.

  • STEP 5

You're pretty comfortable now, aren't you? How about complicating things by learning to reverse? You can also use a pole to familiarise yourself with the movement. Unlike the forward position, when you go backwards you will be in a "sitting" position. Shoulders forward, pelvis back and knees bent. You're on!

  • STEP 6

Now the fun part... Going down obstacles (but in moderation)! What you need to know: 

- Always bend your knees to cushion the impact

- Always land with your foot flat

- Always balance your landing position

- Always approach the obstacle from the front

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