Top 5 reasons to buy an electric wheel

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Elegant, practical, compact, economical... discover the qualities of this means of transport of the future!

sold in France in 2020
billion euros for the wheelchair market in 2020
increase in 2020
billion euros for the edpm market in 2020

Do you want to make the wheelbarrow your number one means of transport? Excellent decision! And your banker will thank you!

No more petrol costs, no more exorbitant maintenance costs... The purchase cost will quickly pay for itself in the long term.

No more stress about not arriving at work on time! Your daily commute will no longer be random and getting to work will become a real pleasure. 

There are wheels for every taste and need. For example, if you also use public transport on your journey, our light and compact wheels will accompany you with such ease that you will not be able to do without them! 

It's no secret anymore, is it? Thermal cars pollute more than electric ones, but the ecological impact due to the construction of electric cars is still higher than that of an electric wheel... So why not?

What do you mean you're still not convinced? 

Honestly, we could give you 10,000 reasons to switch to an electric wheel, but we don't have the space to put them all... 

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