Which electric scooter is right for you?

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Did you also love (or still do) magazine quizzes? You know the ones where you had to circle the answer that best suited you, and depending on the number of points you got, you learned things about yourself (well, I think)?

Here, it's the same principle, but this time, it's serious! You can't miss out on the electric scooter of your dreams.

Ready? Let's get started!

🛴 How do you plan to travel daily ?

1 point: between 5 and 10 kilometres

2 points: between 10 and 15 kilometres

3 points: between 15 and 25 kilometres

🛴 What do you make ?

1 point: between 50kg and 75kg

2 points: between 75kg and 90kg

3 points: between 90kg and 120kg

🛴 How do you plan to fold and carry your electric scooter ?

1 point: more than twice a day

2 points: daily

3 points: several times a week

🛴 Would you like to your electric scooter ?

1 point: No, maximum 25km/h

2 points: Yes, but I will keep to a reasonable speed

3 points: Yes, I am looking for speed

🛴 Do you plan to on mainly flat or sloping roads ?

1 point: On flat, paved roads

2 points : On flat and sloping roads, sometimes with off-road paths.

3 points: Mostly on slopes with occasional off-road paths.

So you've done the math? 

Discover your results 

Between 5 and 8 points

Obviously, a city car should suit you! But city scooters don't have to be cheap. You still have miles to go and a lightweight scooter with sufficient range will be needed. Our suggestion: The Maxspeed X9 from Hiley

Between 9 and 11 points

You want to be sensible with the power but you can feel the itch, can't you? Obviously, you need a middle ground between a city scooter and an ultra sporty scooter. Fortunately, we have just what you need: a WS9 max from Wiizzee.

Between 12 and 15 points

We have a powerhouse here! You absolutely need a sporty electric scooter, otherwise you'll get bored too quickly. For this reason, we offer you not one, but two scooters: the Tiger 10 Pro from Hiley and the WS11 Max from Wiizzee. It's up to you to decide!

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