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Comparison of new Inmotion products

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We're taking advantage of the sales to launch into a series of comparisons. We start with Inmotion's 2-wheelers with suspension, the "old" Inmotion V11 and the "new" Inmotion V11Y. But also the V8F and V8S, as well as the two Inmotion V12 models in their High Speed and High Torque versions.


From the outside, the Inmotion V11 is all shades of gray, between black and carbon dress. Its replacement retains this predominant gray/black color, enhanced by orange welts. Overall, the Inmotion V11Y electric unicycle is an evolution of its big sister, the V11. It benefits from a more powerful motor (2500W vs. 2200W), which enables it to reach a higher top speed, of the order of 60 km/h (vs. 50 km/h).

V11 and V11Y comparison
Models V11 V11Y
Engine 2200 W 2500 W
Battery 1500 Wh 1500 Wh
Autonomy 120 km 120 km
Max speed 50 km/h 60 km/h
Wheel diameter 18" x 3" 18" x 3"

One of Inmotion's star models is the V8 version, the brilliant city car. The V8F is therefore set to be replaced by its little sister, the Inmotion V8S electric unicycle. Strictly identical from an aesthetic point of view, the battery has been boosted to enable greater autonomy. It's still the epitome of elegance, inside and out, but without the ambient LEDs! #Tristesse

V8F and V8S comparison
Models V8F V8S
Engine 1000 W 1000 W
Battery 584 Wh 728 Wh
Autonomy 50 km 70 km
Max speed 35 km/h 35 km/h
Wheel diameter 16" x 2,125" 16" x 2,125"

Finally, one of the latest additions to the Inmotion range is the Inmotion V12 High Torque, which will be the replacement for the V12 High Speed. Virtually identical from the outside, the only distinguishing feature is the rim: bright orange for the V12 High Torque and stainless steel grey for the High Speed version. The engine is more powerful and offers more torque.

V12 and V12 High Torque comparison
Models V12 High Speed V12 High Torque
Motor 2500 W 2800 W
Battery 1750 Wh 1750 Wh
Autonomy 160 km 150 km
Max speed 70 km/h 60 km/h
Wheel diameter 16" x 3" 16" x 3"

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