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EDPM 2023 Act: Rules for Riding Electric Scooters and Unicycles

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As electric scooters and electric unicycles become everyday means of transport, the risk of accidents and fines also increases. So to keep you safe and riding legally, here's our advice!

EDPM law, what's changing in 2023

If you exceed the authorised speed limit by 25 km/h, ride on a pavement without authorisation or disable your device, you will be liable to a fine of €135, rather than €35 as was the case until now. As a reminder, buying an EDPM that has been dismantled is punishable by a €1,500 fine.

In accordance with the decree of 1 September 2023, electric scooters are banned for anyone under the age of 14. Due to driving experience deemed too low at this age and to avoid accidents, it has been decided to authorise electric scooters for those over 14.

Rules on public roads

In town - and on the public highway in general - a few rules apply. As the EDPM regulations in France state, machines must travel on public roads at no more than 25 km/h. What's more, you're only allowed to ride on cycle paths, greenways or the road if you have no alternative.

m12 panel for electric scooters and unicycles

Some French traffic lights display an "M12" sign (that's what it's called) in the shape of a triangle. In fact, they indicate the possibility of passing in certain directions but only if the lane is clear. Be aware that this condition allows you to pass a red light! Handy when the traffic light lasts for hours.

As a reminder, whether you ride a scooter or a gyro, insurance is compulsory for all EDPMs. Your device must have front and rear lights, reflectors and a horn.

Rules on private roads

For the more hot-headed among you, who want to deploy the full potential of their machine, you are allowed to ride an unbridled machine (over 25 km/h) on private roads. A private road is defined as a road or path that is not open to public traffic.

private road for electric scooters and unicycles

Make sure, however, that you are riding on a greenway or cycle path and that you are insured. In this specific case, helmets and yellow waistcoats are compulsory.

Advice for your own safety (and that of others)

For your own safety, ride alone (riding with others is forbidden) to avoid unbalancing or overloading the machine. Even if this is only recommended, Green220 strongly urges you to wear a helmet and a yellow waistcoat so that you are visible, and the latter is compulsory at night or if visibility is too poor during the day. Finally, respect the speed limits. It's only a matter of time before you get caught out!

Of course, before using your bike, we recommend that you check that it's in good working order (brakes, tyre pressure, lights, steering, fastenings) to avoid putting yourself and others at risk.

Like driving a car, you are not allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is also forbidden to wear headphones or any other sound system likely to interfere with your concentration while driving.

For safe driving, pay attention and keep your eyes peeled! You're not alone on the roads, and even if you're driving correctly, danger can come from elsewhere. Finally, if your vehicle is not rain-resistant, avoid driving. Maximise your chances of protecting your machine... and yourself.

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