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Portrait of Camille, customer relations manager

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Following our interview with Jérémy, our order picker, a quick chat with Camille, who's in charge of answering your e-mails. A veritable encyclopedia of wheel and scooter, she tries to know everything about everything!

Hello Camille, a little introduction please?
Hello Julien, Camille, 27, Sochaux fan, at your service! Along with Oscar, I'm in charge of communications for Green 220. That means we respond to customers, whether by e-mail or Messenger. Oh, and we look after social networks too: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok...

Can you elaborate on "customer responses"?
Yes! At Green 220 we respond to customers within 24 hours on average on weekdays, of course. It's often less, but that's the objective. This could be a pre-sales question about the product or warranty, a technical clarification, a request for after-sales support or even an exchange following a Trustpilot rating...

So your benevolence works wonders, does it?
We always try to do our best, and it's true that with Oscar benevolence is an essential motto. We respond to everyone, unless discussion is impossible or pointless. Sometimes communication is complicated, as some people don't understand or don't want to understand that just because they're customers doesn't mean they have every right! For example, we can't explain how to unlock a scooter - it's against the law. There are enough tutorials on Youtube like the Électron channel.

Do you have recurring requests?
Often for spare parts, yes. We buy directly from importers, who themselves buy from the factory. But it often happens (regularly) that the factory is unable to sell the parts. Either they're out of stock or they've simply stopped manufacturing.

You must have seen it all by now, what would one of your worst memories be?
Every time we get insulted, really. Since Covid it's been worse, but people really do forget that we're human too and that we can make mistakes sometimes. Not often, it's true, but still. They always want an immediate answer, right now, but that's not always possible: on a Saturday night at 11pm or at 11am on December 24th, customer service is closed. And as we discussed last time, the Trustpilot threat without discussion or understanding: fatigue...

You've got to get tired of it, there's still something positive I hope!
Of course, I'd have stopped otherwise - I've got my limits when it comes to masochism! The atmosphere in the team is great, and some customers have kind words that make up for it. It could be a simple "thank you" when their question is answered, or a smile at an event or a hike.

You manage social networks too, do you have any preferences?
Not necessarily, but my big goal in life is to break through on Tik Tok. I'm going to ask Tchoupi mon chien for help if this continues... More generally, we share information about our products, interact with the community, and communicate about good deals. We always have products on special offer because we aim to be the cheapest on the legal market, i.e. excluding wild imports like Ali Express.

A final word?
Stop thinking we're robots because we don't go your way! We're emotional humans too :-)

Psssttt!We also have a shared Spotify at work: check out its playlist!

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