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The little Green: Wheeler dictionary

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BMS (Battery Management System) :

A Battery Management System (BMS) is an electronic device designed to monitor, control and protect rechargeable batteries. Its main role is to optimise the performance, life and safety of batteries.


This is a small switch, usually located on the handle of the trolley, which allows you to carry the wheel without having to turn it off. In fact, without the button, the motor runs away.

DUAL MOTOR (dual motor) :

A dual motor scooter consists of a motor in the front wheel and a motor in the rear wheel, which doubles the power of the scooter.


This is a service model where users can pick up and leave the electric scooter anywhere, without needing to return it to a specific location or dedicated station.


This is an environmentally friendly means of "future" transport, powered by the gyroscopic effect. Also known as an electric wheel, which is designed to be used as a means of personal transport. Unlike traditional unicycles, a gyroroad generally incorporates gyroscopic sensors and electric motors to assist the user in maintaining balance. The operation of a gyro-motorcycle is based on the principle of body tilt. The user tilts his or her body forwards to accelerate and backwards to decelerate. Gyroscopic sensors detect these movements and adjust the wheel speed accordingly.


This is a back and forth balancing movement that you will use to master your wheel and learn the basics. You can also use this exercise to learn reversing and emergency braking


This is the safety system that is triggered when your gyroroad detects overpowering of the motor. Tilt back will cause the pedals to rise automatically to force braking. You can set the maximum speed of your machine directly on the Inmotion app, for example.


This is an enthusiast practising the gyroroue


It's an oscillating, unstable and uncontrollable movement that causes a sort of "shaking" of the legs and wheel. It comes from English, wobble being the translation of the verb to oscillate. Wobble' can occur when there is an imbalance or disturbance in the vehicle's stability, causing it to oscillate from side to side. In the context of gyro-wheels, wobble can be caused by a variety of factors, such as excessive speed, incorrect settings, irregularities in the road surface, or even errors in balance management by the user.

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