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Which GPS application to use with your electric scooter?

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Why use a GPS application?

If it's to make a regular journey, such as home to work, normally you know the route. But if you need to get to a specialist or an unusual relay point, you might not. And that's where a GPS application can come in handy.

How does a GPS application work?

GPS applications use satellite data to pinpoint users' precise location and guide them to their destination. They calculate the fastest routes, take real-time traffic into account and often offer additional features, such as speed alerts, information on points of interest and ride-sharing options. These applications rely on a combination of signals from satellites, ground stations and sensors in mobile devices to ensure optimum accuracy.

What are the different GPS applications?

  • Google Maps: This application is one of the most popular in the world. It offers detailed routes, real-time traffic information, public transport options and panoramic street views.
  • Waze: Known for its collaborative approach, Waze collects real-time information provided by users to suggest optimal routes avoiding traffic jams, accidents and speed cameras.
  • Mappy: Quite consumer-oriented, Mappy offers the advantage of a 'scooter' option. It's a handy way of avoiding being flashed by a speed camera on the motorway (and taking the wrong route)

Okay, these two apps are pretty much identical and belong to Google. In electric scooter or gyrorou mode, our preference is for the third...

These apps are available on your phone, whether it's Android or iOS.
Please note: this list is not (and does not claim to be) exhaustive. Feel free to let us know if you know of any others, which one you prefer in comments!

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