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Why insurance?

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If you're in possession of a "Engins de Déplacement Personnel Motorisés" (EDPM) you're not unaware that you need insurance. Insuring yourself as a user is compulsory, and insuring the electric scooter itself is highly recommended.

What is insurance?

Insurance is like an agreement between someone (called the insured) and an insurance company. This agreement is used to help the insured in the event of money problems or unexpected losses. To benefit from this assistance, the insured must regularly pay a sum of money to the insurance company. The main idea behind insurance is to provide a kind of financial security when unexpected things happen, such as accidents, illness, property damage or other damaging situations.


The initial point to examine concerns the guarantees provided in the contract. It's crucial to fully grasp what the insurance includes and what it excludes. For example, home insurance tends to cover fire, theft, water damage and natural disasters. However, it may not cover losses resulting from the actions of animals, vandalism, or technological disasters.

Guarantees, deductibles and waiting period

It is therefore essential to check the level of cover. In the event of an accident, the insurer will reimburse the insured up to this amount of coverage. Consequently, it's vital to select an adequate sum to meet your needs. The deductible represents the amount that remains payable by the insured in the event of a claim, often expressed as a percentage of the amount of cover. Before taking out insurance, it's crucial to check this deductible amount, as it can influence the cost of insurance.

Finally, the waiting period is the period during which the insurance does not take effect in the event of a claim. It usually lasts a few weeks or months. It's important to check the waiting period before taking out insurance, as it can have an impact on your protection in the event of a claim.

Some examples of insurers

There are several types of insurer:

  • some are rather generalist insurers, like AXA, one of the world's largest insurance groups, Allianz, Groupama, a mutual insurance company just like MAIF and MACIF for example;
  • other insurers are neo-insurers who specialize in two-wheel insurance such as Qivio, Luko or Wizzas among others;

If you want to be able to compare, you'll need to take certain parameters into account:

  • responsiveness:underwriting and customer service must be accessible, such as the advertised availability 7 days a week / 24 hours a day for two-wheel insurance experts at Qivio;
  • flexibility in the coverage of your insurance, which will be tailored as closely as possible to the needs of each customer and therefore your situation;
  • the economic side:insuring your scooter has a cost, you'll need to count around ten euros for insurance including civil liability and protection against theft;
  • the reliability of your insurance. Indeed, in the event of a claim, you won't want your case to drag on for long.

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