E-Scooters Inmotion RS Electric Scooter
  • E-Scooters Inmotion RS Electric Scooter
  • E-Scooters Inmotion RS Electric Scooter
  • E-Scooters Inmotion RS Electric Scooter
  • E-Scooters Inmotion RS Electric Scooter
  • E-Scooters Inmotion RS Electric Scooter
  • E-Scooters Inmotion RS Electric Scooter
  • E-Scooters Inmotion RS Electric Scooter
  • E-Scooters Inmotion RS Electric Scooter
  • E-Scooters Inmotion RS Electric Scooter
  • E-Scooters Inmotion RS Electric Scooter
  • E-Scooters Inmotion RS Electric Scooter
  • E-Scooters Inmotion RS Electric Scooter
  • E-Scooters Inmotion RS Electric Scooter
  • E-Scooters Inmotion RS Electric Scooter
  • E-Scooters Inmotion RS Electric Scooter
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Inmotion RS Electric Scooter

4599 €   Tax included

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Inmotion's super electric scooter is coming!

  • Maximum speed: 100 km/h (on private land)
  • Restricted speed 25 km/h (ex works)
  • 2000 watt dual motor
  • Autonomy up to 120 km
  • 11" tubeless tire
  • Latest generation suspension system
  • Powerful 2880Wh battery secured by a new BMS


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e-scooter  inmotion rs

Inmotion RS

A new electric scooter designed for unrivalled performance, the Inmotion RS takes your riding experience to a whole new level.

What's the Inmotion RS worth?


With its innovative transformation system and two 2000 W motors, the Inmotion RS electric scooter offers breathtaking speed. What's more, conquering a steep 50% gradient (26.5°) is child's play. The RS's two 2,000 W motors enable it to reach a top speed of 100 km/h, outstripping most electric scooters in its price range. So you can experience rapid acceleration from a standstill to 50 km/h in just a few seconds.

Where other models stop at 80 km (Kingsong N11 and Inmotion S1F), the RS offers an impressive range of 120 km thanks to its powerful battery of 72 V / 40 Ah / 2880 Wh. The integrated battery management system (BMS) ensures constant power and temperature control for safe, reliable driving. What's more, the charging speed is doubled, giving you more freedom to enjoy your journeys. Your Inmotion electric scooter is fully charged in less than 5 hours.

Equipped with the Raptor-P, the Inmotion RS boasts improved energy conversion efficiency. That's because it's equipped with Raptor P. This powerful configuration ensures a smoother ride and impressive acceleration, for exhilarating performance.


Safety is paramount. The Inmotion RS electric scooter is equipped with two 16 cm fully hydraulic disc brakes and an enhanced regenerative braking system at the front and rear. These braking systems ensure maximum safety and control. You can stop quickly, even at high speed!

The Inmotion RS guarantees optimum visibility and safety when driving in low light, thanks to its front and rear lights. It features patterned multifunction side lights that double as side marker lights. In addition, indicators and neon lights under the vehicle combine style and practicality.

Driving comfort

The Inmotion RS gives priority to comfort and performance with its C-shaped suspension system and 11 levels of adjustable hydraulic damping front and rear. With 96mm of suspension travel, it offers exceptional shock absorption for a smooth, enjoyable ride.

Designed for maximum performance and comfort, the Inmotion RS is fitted with 11 x 3.5-inch tubeless tyres. They offer exceptional traction, control and stability on any surface and enhance the overall riding experience.


Inspired by SUV designs, the Inmotion RS proudly features the world's first conversion system for an electric scooter. With four selectable pedal heights ranging from 183mm to 303mm, this scooter offers notable variations in shock absorption, tailored to your specific off-road needs. This cutting-edge feature allows the Inmotion RS to be easily transformed into different shapes. This allows you to experience the exhilarating speed of a race car or the off-road dominance of an SUV.

Accessories and features

Take total control of your driving with the Inmotion app. Customise your driving mode, control the lighting system or lock and unlock your electric scooter remotely.

You can also monitor your device's data in real time: speed, distance, battery level.

Why choose the Inmotion RS?

The Inmotion RS electric scooter is a top-of-the-range urban mobility solution that offers impressive performance, exceptional range and optimum riding comfort. It is equipped with advanced safety features and a customisable app for an optimal driving experience.


Data sheet

Engine Power
2 x 2000 W
Range (2) (3) (4)
up to 120 km*
Flanged speed (7)
25 km/h
Max speed (3) (5) (6)
jusqu'à 100km
Max. user weight
150 kgs
143 x 134 x 71 cm
56 kg
Ground Clearance
from 183 to 303mm
Wheel diameter
11" (27,94 cm)
Wheel type
Battery power
Lithium Ion 40Ah / 72V / 2880Wh
Max slope
50% (26.5°)
11 adjustable damping levels front and rear
26mm shock travel
1660 mm hydraulic disc brakes
Regenerative electronic braking
Smart BMS
Transformation system: 4 configurations
Charging time (8)
4h30 in DualCharge
about 8h30 with a single charger

Notes for your product Inmotion :

  • In accordance with the law, we remind you that civil liability insurance is mandatory for this type of vehicle.
  • Distance achieved with a full load, a 70 kg person on a level road and a temperature of 25°C. Other conditions may affect this maximum distance. Some batteries may have significantly different results.
  • There are several factors to take into account when using this product. Among the most important are the riding surface and gradient, the user's weight, tyre pressure, riding style and natural conditions (temperature, humidity, wind, etc.). All these factors affect the speed and maximum distance of the product. Therefore, each user will have their own results. Test yours.
  • Avoid reaching the recommended distance so that you do not finish your journey on foot.
  • Maximum speed (on private land)
    Its use is prohibited on public roads
  • Maximum speed achieved with a 70 kg person.
  • This product is limited to 25 km/h from the factory.


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