E-Scooters Electric scooter Wiizzee WS3 - 36 V / 13 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Wiizzee WS3 - 36 V / 13 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Wiizzee WS3 - 36 V / 13 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Wiizzee WS3 - 36 V / 13 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Wiizzee WS3 - 36 V / 13 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Wiizzee WS3 - 36 V / 13 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Wiizzee WS3 - 36 V / 13 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Wiizzee WS3 - 36 V / 13 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Wiizzee WS3 - 36 V / 13 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Wiizzee WS3 - 36 V / 13 Ah
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Electric scooter Wiizzee WS3 - 36 V / 13 Ah

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  • Speed restricted to 25 km/h (by construction)
  • Maximum speed up to 30 km/h (Unlocking possible outside France only)
  • Up to 35 km range
  • Motor 350 W
  • Ultra-light and foldable
  • Rear drum brake
  • Front suspension

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Electric scooter Wiizzee WS3Electric scooter Wiizzee WS3

Wiizzee WS3

The Wiizzee WS3 is an entry-level electric scooter that's compact and easy to use. Its ability to fold up in seconds and its fluidity make it ideal for taking with you wherever you go.

What is the Wiizzee WS3 worth?


The first model from French electric scooter brand Wiizzee, the WS3 represents an ultra-lightweight, compact device that isn't short on peach. And with good reason, it's equipped with a 350W rear motor that gives the scooter greater stability.

Restricted to 25 km/h, the electric scooter can nevertheless reach speeds of up to 30 km/h. As well as being able to climb 15° slopes (26.7%), the 13 Ampere-hour, 36-volt, 468 Watt-hour battery offers a maximum range of 35 km. In single mode, it takes 4? hours to fully charge the battery.


Less common than disc brakes, the drum brakes on the Wiizzee WS3 are no less effective. Coupled with the motor, they make the scooter more stable and anchored to the ground.

The signal lights warn other users of your presence. The rear LED light with braking indicator and the powerful front LED headlight let you see in low-light conditions.

Ride comfort

The electric scooter weighs just 13.5 kg, making it ideal for transporting. In addition to its weight, it's quick and easy to fold up, in just a few seconds.

The Wiizzee WS3 has front suspension and a height-adjustable stem. In addition to its 8-inch wheels - inflatable at the front and solid at the rear - you'll find 3 speed modes that allow users to adapt their pace to the situation:

  1. Mode 1: 15 km/h
  2. Mode 2: 25 km/h
  3. Mode 3: 30 km/h

Accessories and features

On the handlebars, an acceleration trigger and a braking handle allow you to brake or accelerate at your convenience. The LED display positioned on the handlebars shows you your speed, battery level or current mode.

Why choose the Wiizzee WS3 electric scooter?

The Wiizzee WS3 is an ideal first electric scooter. With a speed of 30 km/h and a range of 35 km, it is ideal for regular use in town. Ultra-lightweight, it's easy for anyone to handle.


Data sheet

Engine Power
350 W
Range (2) (3) (4)
up to 35 km*
Flanged speed (7)
25 km/h
Max speed (3) (5) (6)
up to 30 km/h*
Max. user weight
120 kg
980 x 500 x 1140 mm
13,5 kg
Wheel diameter
8" (20,32cm)
Wheel type
Battery type
Battery power
13 Ah / 36 V / 468 Wh
Battery power (V)
36 V
Battery power (Ah)
13 Ah
Charging time
approx. 4h30
Max slope

Notes for your product Wiizzee :

  • In accordance with the law, we remind you that civil liability insurance is mandatory for this type of vehicle.
  • Distance achieved with a full load, a 70 kg person on a level road and a temperature of 25°C. Other conditions may affect this maximum distance. Some batteries may have significantly different results.
  • There are several factors to take into account when using this product. Among the most important are the riding surface and gradient, the user's weight, tyre pressure, riding style and natural conditions (temperature, humidity, wind, etc.). All these factors affect the speed and maximum distance of the product. Therefore, each user will have their own results. Test yours.
  • Avoid reaching the recommended distance so that you do not finish your journey on foot.
  • Maximum speed (on private land)
  • Maximum speed achieved with a 70 kg person.
  • Speed limit by construction allowed in accordance with the law on EDPM. Maximum speed possible with this product. Unlocking possible according to the legislation of your country It is your responsibility to find out about the legislation in force in your country and in your community.


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