E-Scooters Kingsong KS-N14 Max
  • E-Scooters Kingsong KS-N14 Max
  • E-Scooters Kingsong KS-N14 Max
  • E-Scooters Kingsong KS-N14 Max
  • E-Scooters Kingsong KS-N14 Max
  • E-Scooters Kingsong KS-N14 Max
  • E-Scooters Kingsong KS-N14 Max
  • E-Scooters Kingsong KS-N14 Max
  • E-Scooters Kingsong KS-N14 Max
  • E-Scooters Kingsong KS-N14 Max
  • E-Scooters Kingsong KS-N14 Max
  • E-Scooters Kingsong KS-N14 Max
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Kingsong KS-N14 Max

899 €   Tax included

Including €2.00 for ecotax

Payment in 10 instalments, only available for France.
  • Motor 600 W
  • Limited speed 25 km/h (by construction)
  • Maximum speed 35 km/h (unbridled outside France)
  • Autonomy 40 km
  • Tires 10” (25,4 cm)
  • Battery 500 Wh
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e-scooter kingsong ks-n14 max

Kingsong N14 Max

The Kingsong N14 Max electric scooter is designed to be your ideal travel companion, thanks to its light weight and ease of adaptation to any environment.

What is the Kingsong N14 Max worth?


When it comes to performance, the N14 Max offers a maximum range of 40 km thanks to its 48 V, 10 Ah, 500 Wh battery. Its 600W, 26Nm motor means you can travel at speeds of up to 35km/h and climb gradients of up to 36% (19.6°). It's perfectly suited to city use, so you can enjoy the scenery all around you. All the same, you'll need to allow 5 hours 30 minutes until the battery is fully charged.


Like the Kingsong N12 Pro electric scooter, it features a dual suspension system at the front and rear that effectively absorbs road shock. To give you a comfortable and reliable riding experience, this scooter has a rear disc brake, a front drum brake, as well as an anti-lock system with kinetic energy recovery to recharge the battery.

In terms of lighting, the scooter is equipped with an illuminated light (with reflector) at the rear and a front headlight whose beam angle has been redesigned for optimum visibility. When it comes to lighting, it's fair to say that the Kingsong scooter offers everything you need to see and be seen.

Finally, thanks to its smart lock accessible via the Kingsong app you can control your N14 Max electric scooter remotely. It can be locked with a single key and is also equipped with a posture change detection system that triggers an alarm in the event of unexpected movement.

Driving comfort

The Kingsong N14 Max is a pleasant ride thanks to its solid, non-slip 10-inch wheels, which offer a smooth driving experience whether you're riding on flat or uneven surfaces. Despite weighing just 17 kg, it is robust and can carry a load of up to 120 kg. What's more, it folds easily in just a few seconds. Space-saving, you have the option of storing it wherever you like and transporting it easily on public transport or in a car boot.

Accessories and features

The Kingsong N14 Max electric scooter offers 4 different riding modes. You can choose between:

  • Pedestrian mode (0-6 km/h), which lets you walk alongside your scooter
  • Eco mode (0-15 km/h) for economical driving that conserves the battery and motor
  • Sport mode (0-40 km/h) for driving at top speed
  • Standard mode (0-20 km/h) to stay at a regulation speed on public roads

The handlebars of the electric scooter feature a multifunction instrument panel with LED display, giving you a variety of information such as headlight status, speed, range, connectivity, driving mode or lock status. On the N14 Max, a single button is used to switch the vehicle on and off, as well as to switch from one mode to another. It's simple and practical!

Why choose the Kingsong N14 Max ?

The Kingsong N14 Max is an ideal choice for those looking for comfort, reliability and safety in an electric scooter. Whether for use in town or on holiday, it will accompany you everywhere with ease and allow you to make the most of your journeys


Data sheet

KS-N14 Max
Engine Power
600 W
Range (2) (3) (4)
up to 40 km*
Flanged speed (7)
25 km/h
Max speed (3) (5) (6)
Up To 35 km/h
Max. user weight
120 Kg
123 x 57 x 131 cm
17 Kg
Wheel diameter
10" (25,4 cm)
Wheel type
Battery type
Lithium Ion
Battery power
10.4 Ah / 48 V / 500 Wh
Charging time
Approx. 5h
Max slope
Digital display
Front and rear suspensions
Front drum brake and rear disc brake
LED front light and rear stop light
Mobile App
Bluetooth IOS & Android

Notes for your product Kingsong :

  • In accordance with the law, we remind you that civil liability insurance is mandatory for this type of vehicle.
  • Distance achieved with a full load, a 70 kg person on a level road and a temperature of 25°C. Other conditions may affect this maximum distance. Some batteries may have significantly different results.
  • There are several factors to take into account when using this product. Among the most important are the riding surface and gradient, the user's weight, tyre pressure, riding style and natural conditions (temperature, humidity, wind, etc.). All these factors affect the speed and maximum distance of the product. Therefore, each user will have their own results. Test yours.
  • Avoid reaching the recommended distance so that you do not finish your journey on foot.
  • Maximum speed (on private land)
    Its use is prohibited on public roads
  • Maximum speed achieved with a 70 kg person.
  • This product is limited to 25 km/h from the factory.


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