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robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ Robot Lawn Mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ Robot Lawn Mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ Robot Lawn Mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ Robot Lawn Mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ Robot Lawn Mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ Robot Lawn Mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ Robot Lawn Mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ Robot Lawn Mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ Robot Lawn Mower
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Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ Robot Lawn Mower

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  • Working area up to 400 m2
  • No perimeter cable installation, immediate start-up.
  • Various terrain recognition sensors
  • 4-pointed star blade with 25 cm diameter
  • Simple and intuitive control panel
  • Possibility of working without difficulty on slopes of up to 50%.

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robot lawn mower ambrogio l60 elite s plus

L60 Elite S+: the 100% autonomous, intelligent robotic lawnmower that will do all the work for you.

Configuration and use

Like all the robotic mowers in Ambrogio's Green Line range, set-up and initial use are very natural and easy. The L60 Elite S+ is no exception to the rule. It comes ready to use. Simply place it on your lawn and the robot mower will do the rest!

On the control panel, you'll find the usual buttons:

  • ON/OFF
  • STOP

Engine and battery

The Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ has a powerful brushless motor and a 7.5 Ah, 25.9 V lithium-ion battery. This gives you an average continuous mowing cycle of 3 hours, although this will obviously depend on the type of terrain, the gradient, etc. The battery takes 4.5 hours to fully charge. The battery is charged manually, as you have to return the appliance to its base.


With 200 m2 more than its little sister, the L60 Elite robotic mower, for a total of 400 m2, the L60 Elite S+ is ideal for medium-sized gardens and landscaped areas. What's more, the robot mower can cope with slopes of up to 40% (approx. 22°) and 50% (26.5°). It has a single mowing zone and an ECO mode that detects areas where the grass has already been cut. This robot has a 4-tooth star blade with a cutting width and height of 25 cm and 42 to 48 mm. What's more, if your lawn is too dense or too high, the robot activates spiral cutting, rather than straight-line cutting. This allows the mower to cover a larger area evenly and efficiently, without leaving any unmown areas. Finally, the front and rear bumpers protect it from any undetected obstacles.

It has a number of high-performance sensors to optimise the cleaning of your garden:

  • Lawn recognition sensors: detect the boundaries of the lawn to be mowed.
  • Ditch (and stair) recognition sensors: change direction if the robot gets too close to steps, a void or a significant difference in level.
  • Obstacle sensors: Detection of obstacles that could damage the device.
  • Roll-over sensor: Alerts you when the machine is overturned.
  • Lift sensor: Automatically stops the machine if it is lifted.

Product quality

Weighing in at just 8.5 kg, this is one of the lightest portable lawnmowers on the market. It's also quiet: 65 dB compared with 90 to 100 dB for a conventional lawnmower. As a result, early-morning and/or late-morning mowing is unlikely to wake the neighbours. It has 4 drive wheels and an IPX4 water protection rating. This protects it from splashing water, but does not make it totally unsinkable. As a reminder, this is a 100% autonomous robotic lawnmower. There's no need for cables or installation before its first use. All you have to do is place your robot on the area you want to mow.

Features and accessories

The Ambrogio L60 Elite S+'s Bluetooth receiver enables it to connect to your smartphone or tablet via the Ambrogio Remote app, so you can control your robot remotely.

The app gives you access to a range of functions:

  • Starting and stopping the mowing cycle
  • Programming mowing times and periods
  • View the geographical location of your appliance
  • Define prohibited zones
  • Notify you of the robot's status and movements
  • System updates


Autonomous, wireless and intelligent, the L60 Elite S+ robot lawnmower is the perfect tool for looking after your garden. A veritable little green butler, you can rest assured that your grounds are in safe hands.


Data sheet

L60 Elite S+
360 x 440 x 200 mm
8.6 kg
Battery type
Lithium ion
Battery power
7.5Ah / 25.9V
Charging time
Max slope
35% (permissible 45%)
4 wheels driving
6 lawn recognition sensors
cutting height adjustment
emergency button
keypad & LEDs
void detection sensors
Engine type
Noise power
65 dB
Average working time
Charging method
Max mowing area
env. 400m2
Mowing height (min-max)
42 - 48 mm
Blade type
4-point star
Blade diameter
250 mm (9,84")
Cutting speed
4000 RPM
Managed areas
1 area
ECO mode
ECO mode as standard
Terminal return method
Accessories included
Cutting height adjustment key
Power supply