Warranty and after-sales service

The purpose of this page is to detail the Guarantee and after-sales service offered by Green220.com, hereafter referred to as the site.

Your product is guaranteed for 2 years except for parts that wear out during normal use, the Lithium battery and charger are guaranteed for 1 year. The availability of spare parts is 2 years from the official release date of the product.
Keep the box of your product, it will be necessary in case of after-sales return. No return will be accepted if it is not in its original packaging.

You bought your product on our website www.green220.com

You must log into your account, select the order with the problem ("Order History" tab) and send a message from it with the symptoms, adding the product serial number.

If your product is out of warranty or if it was purchased more than two years ago, a repair estimate will be proposed to you by our technicians.

The shipping costs are at your expense.

Some spare parts are available on our website for minor maintenance. Other, more delicate tasks are only carried out in our workshop. Contact us for a quotation request.

Discover our after-sales workshop:

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