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If you are here, it is because you know the world of electric mobility well and you want a scooter for off-road. Teverun is the new subsidiary of electric scooter manufacturer Minimotors. Created in 2021, the range - like Dualtron or Speedway - combines power and comfort.

Teverun was designed to become the benchmark in the world of powerful off-road electric scooters. Benefiting from a double motor of at least 1000 watts each, coupled with a high capacity battery, Teverun electric scooters are technical jewels and are seen as works of art.

Discover the Teverun Blade X Dual electric scooter and the Teverun Blade X Pro electric scooter: two powerful models, with dual motors (respectively 1000 and 12000 watts). With these two models you can get the sensations with a relatively tight price.

If you want to venture off-road, you can turn to the Teverun Blade GT+ electric scooter model: dual 1500 watt motor, coupled with a 1728 Wh battery. The Teverun Fighter 11 electric scooter is the latest from the Minimotors / Teverun collaboration. It is equipped with a dual 1600 watt motor and a 2100 Wh battery.

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We remind you that civil liability insurance is mandatory to drive this type of vehicle. In addition, we strongly recommend the use of a helmet. The use of a smartphone or walkman is prohibited while driving.