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Inmotion V13 Pro Electric Unicycle - 4500 W / 3024 Wh


Kingsong KS S22 Pro + '50S' Electric Unicycle - 4000 W / 2220 Wh

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Our electric unicycles

Unicycles: a new way of getting around

You've probably already come across these funny machines. Perhaps you use them yourself. Unicycles (or electric monowheels) are flourishing more and more in big cities. A new way of getting around that combines practicality, innovation and dynamism, unicycles allow you to make your daily journeys in a whole new way. Unlike traditional modes of transport, they allow you to get around the often crowded urban traffic without polluting.

Spinning bikes are light, electrically-powered personal mobility devices. They consist of a wheel that is self-stabilising thanks to the gyroscopic effect, positioned between two footrests on which the user stands.

Electric unicycles: how does it work?

This device is controlled by body movements. All you have to do is lean forward to accelerate and lean back to slow down. It's as simple as that! To turn left or right, you need to turn your shoulders in the desired direction.

The unicycle takes a bit of practice to get the hang of. Rest assured, after a few hours' practice, you'll have the satisfaction of having a brand new, environmentally-friendly means of transport, free from any pollution.

Our products

At Green 220, you'll find electric unicycles from the two most renowned brands on the market: Kingsong and Inmotion. As an official distributor and importer, each model we offer is carefully selected to provide our customers with a superior riding experience, combining innovation, durability and performance.

A variety of unicycles

On our site, you'll discover the full range of Inmotion and Kingsong electric unicycles available, from 14-inch models to 20-inch and even 22-inch models. Whether you're a novice or an experienced rider, we've got the wheel to suit your needs. Compact, fast, long range, the choice is endless and is sure to meet your needs... and your budget.

We understand that your choice of a unicycle is not limited to a simple purchase. That's why we offer you a diverse range of models, expert advice and a first-class French after-sales service.

Spare parts

We offer for sale a varied and large stock of spare parts guaranteeing that, in the event of a warranty or repairs, your unicycle will be taken care of. These are covered by a 2-year warranty, as specified on our page dedicated to after-sales service.

If necessary, you can quickly find and order the parts you need for your electric unicycle. This guarantees you a seamless user experience. More than just a convenience, it's the assurance that your unicycle will remain in perfect working order over time.

Green 220: affordable electric unicycles

At Green 220, there's no need for sales as we already offer the cheapest electric unicycles on the market!