E-Scooters Electric scooter Inmotion S1F - 54 V / 12,5 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Inmotion S1F - 54 V / 12,5 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Inmotion S1F - 54 V / 12,5 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Inmotion S1F - 54 V / 12,5 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Inmotion S1F - 54 V / 12,5 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Inmotion S1F - 54 V / 12,5 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Inmotion S1F - 54 V / 12,5 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Inmotion S1F - 54 V / 12,5 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Inmotion S1F - 54 V / 12,5 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Inmotion S1F - 54 V / 12,5 Ah
  • E-Scooters Electric scooter Inmotion S1F - 54 V / 12,5 Ah
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Electric scooter Inmotion S1F - 54 V / 12,5 Ah

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Payment in 10 instalments, only available for France.
  • Motor 500 W
  • Flanged speed 25 km/h (factory setting)
  • Max speed 40 km/h (on private land)
  • up to 80 km range
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy folding in 3 seconds
  • Dual-charge
  • Automatic indicators
  • Dual brake system
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e-scooter  inmotion s1f

Inmotion S1F

The Inmotion S1F is an urban electric scooter that stands out for its exceptional endurance and comfort levels, competing with the best electric scooters in city environments.

What is the Inmotion S1F worth?


The Inmotion S1F is equipped with a powerful 500W motor located in the rear hub, giving it better acceleration, efficiency and stability than a front motor. Its power is sufficient to climb gradients of up to 30% (16°) and its maximum speed reaches 40 km/h on private roads, making it a relatively sporty electric scooter.

The real strength of the Inmotion S1F lies in its 12.5 Ah, 54 V and 675 Wh lithium-ion battery, which gives it very impressive endurance. With a range of 80 km, a single charge is all you need for long, carefree journeys. The battery takes 7 hours to fully charge, however, thanks to the S1F's dual charging port, a full charge can be achieved in just 3 hours 30 minutes.

This electric scooter therefore stands out for its ability to cover long distances without having to worry about the battery. This makes it an ideal choice for users looking for a tough, reliable scooter in the tradition of the Inmotion Air Pro electric scooter.


Safety is an absolute priority in an electric scooter. That's why the Inmotion S1F is equipped with an effective rear drum braking system, assisted by regenerative braking. The latter recovers kinetic energy when the scooter brakes and converts it into electrical energy, providing powerful and safe braking.

As far as lighting is concerned, the Inmotion S1F is equipped with innovative, discreet but practical automatic indicators. As soon as you take a bend, they come on automatically, increasing your visibility and ensuring your safety. In addition, the two 1.25 W LED headlights give you plenty of visibility, so you can tackle obstacles even in the dark of night. With these advanced safety features, you can be sure of riding with confidence with the Inmotion S1F.

Driving comfort

Thanks to its compact and efficient dual-shock front and rear suspension, comfort is guaranteed. The forks absorb most of the shock, even on difficult terrain, for a pleasant stable ride. What's more, its 10-inch tubeless tyres are lightweight and offer excellent grip, ensuring a smooth ride on all surfaces.

When it comes to folding, there's no need to worry as it can be done in just a few seconds! The folding process for the Inmotion S1F is done in two simple steps, saving you precious time.

This electric scooter has a maximum load capacity of 120 kg and weighs 24 kg. The footrest of the previous Inmotion L9 has been upgraded with an extra-wide, non-slip deck, providing enough space to comfortably fit both feet. This means you can ride in complete stability and safety, while enjoying optimum comfort on the move. With the Inmotion S1F, you're guaranteed an unrivalled riding experience.

Accessories and features

With its intelligent dashboard and large display, the S1F offers a pleasant user experience. This dashboard transmits various essential information such as real-time speed (in km/h or mph depending on your preference), battery level and driving mode.

The S1F offers 3 driving modes that adapt to your mood and your environment in real time: sport mode, classic mode and eco mode. These modes allow you to choose between dynamic, sporty driving or more economical driving, depending on your preferences and needs at the time.

An important detail to note is the presence of a kickstand on the electric scooter, which always comes in handy. This little addition makes the experience of using the Inmotion S1F even more practical and user-friendly on a daily basis.

Why choose the Inmotion S1F?

By choosing the S1F electric scooter, Inmotion gives you the right balance of comfort and performance, making it an ideal choice for all your journeys in and out of town. Enjoy an exceptional riding experience with this versatile, high-performance electric scooter.


Data sheet

Engine Power
500 W
Range (2) (3) (4)
up to 80 km*
Flanged speed (7)
25 km/h
Max speed (3) (5) (6)
up to 40 km/h
Max. user weight
120 kg
130,7 x 52 x 127,5 cm
24 kg
Wheel diameter
10" (25,4 cm)
Wheel type
Battery type
Lithium Ion
Battery power
12,5 Ah / 54 V / 675 Wh
Battery power (V)
54 V
Battery power (Ah)
12,5 Ah
Charging time
approx. 7h (3h30 DualCharge)
Max slope
CE, RoHs

Notes for your product Inmotion :

  • In accordance with the law, we remind you that civil liability insurance is mandatory for this type of vehicle.
  • Distance achieved with a full load, a 70 kg person on a level road and a temperature of 25°C. Other conditions may affect this maximum distance. Some batteries may have significantly different results.
  • There are several factors to take into account when using this product. Among the most important are the riding surface and gradient, the user's weight, tyre pressure, riding style and natural conditions (temperature, humidity, wind, etc.). All these factors affect the speed and maximum distance of the product. Therefore, each user will have their own results. Test yours.
  • Avoid reaching the recommended distance so that you do not finish your journey on foot.
  • Maximum speed (on private land)
    Its use is prohibited on public roads
  • Maximum speed achieved with a 70 kg person.
  • This product is limited to 25 km/h from the factory.


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