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Kingsong KS-S16 Pro Electric Unicycle

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Working in close collaboration with the official French importer Kingsong France, we can present you the most complete range of electric wheels / monoroues. All the electric wheels sold are bridled at 25 km/h.

Beginner in gyroroue? Want to do freestyle? We recommend our wheel models in 14 ”such as the Kingsong KS 14D and Kingsong KS 14S. Small, but autonomous with 40 and 70km of autonomy for an 800W engine.
We have several models of Gyro wheels in 16 ”, like the EUC Kingsong KS 16x 777Wh and Kingsong KS 16x 1554Wh, displaying a speed of 45km/h maximum. The engine is slightly different (2000W vs 2200W). The KS 16S electric monoroue is also available in 2 versions: the Kingsong KS 16S 840Wh and Kingsong KS 16S 420Wh.
If you see larger, we have the 2 18 ”wheel models, both available in 2 batteries. If you want power, one of the champions is the electric unicycle Kingsong Ks S18, Kingsong's first gyroroue with suspension. Without suspension, you have the Kingsong KS 18, in L -battery (1036 WH battery) and XL (1554Wh battery) for a 2200W engine.
Finally, we also have the queen wheel of 2023, the Monoroue 20 ”with suspension, the Kingsong KS S22 Pro Eagle. With its 3300W engine and its 200km autonomy, it can take you to 70km/h.
If you want airlines or spare tires, do not hesitate to check our stocks of Inmotion spare parts!

If you wish, you can compare with our EUC Inmotion, available in several models.

We remind you that liability insurance is compulsory to drive this type of vehicle. In addition, we highly recommend the use of a helmet. The use of a smartphone or a walkman is prohibited while you are driving.