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VSETT: the brand that puts performance at the heart of its electric scooters

VSETT has only recently set out to conquer the European market. Founded a few years ago by Falcon PEV, a Singaporean company and official distributor of brands such as Ninebot, Xiaomi and Etwow, the latter finally decided to launch its own brand of powerful electric scooters: VSETT. The materials, design and components have all been carefully thought out to bring you high-performance, innovative electric scooters.

Products available from us

At Green 220, we're proud to offer you different ranges of VSETT electric scooters:

  • The VSETT 9 range
  • The VSETT 10 range
  • The VSETT 11 range

Each range of VSETT electric scooters has its own performance and size to suit as many people as possible. Meticulously designed to be fast, safe and efficient, whatever the occasion or type of ground. While the range is growing by leaps and bounds, with ever more powerful scooters, they are primarily designed for off-road use, although they can also be used in more urban environments.

Why choose a VSETT product?

Choosing a VSETT electric scooter means choosing a unique electric mobility experience.

Top performance

If there's one thing VSETT doesn't joke about, it's the performance offered by its products. Owning one of the brand's scooters means you're guaranteed to travel at speeds of between 45 km/h (top speed of the Vsett 9 Lite) and 75 km/h (top speed of the Vsett 11 Plus Lite.) Similarly, range varies between 55 and 180 km in single-motor mode and 40 to 80 km in dual-motor mode. Ready to climb steep slopes and ride over complicated terrain, the VSETT electric scooters are sure to satisfy thrill-seekers.

Sleek design

These monsters of the road have a modern, sporty design. The electric scooters are massive and imposing in style. The multi-stage folding system makes it easy to fold the column onto the deck. So you can easily transport and store your electric scooter.

An innovative security system

The NFC key is a security feature unique to VSETT and found on most of its electric scooters. An NFC key is an electronic device that uses NFC technology (available on your smartphone) to transfer data wirelessly over short distances. In our case, this technology is used to unlock and lock the electric scooter.

At VSETT, innovation and power are at the heart of their approach. The brand offers multifunctional electric scooters that work equally well on asphalt and dirt roads, making your journeys enjoyable in all circumstances. Say goodbye to traffic jams and petrol costs, and opt for a VSETT scooter from Green 220 today!