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Working in close collaboration with the official French importer Inmotion France, we can present you the most complete range of electric gyroroues / monoroues. All the gyroroues sold are restrained at 25 km/h.

If you want to start in a gyroroue, then we will suggest you start with a 16 ”model like the Electric Unicycle Inmotion V8F or its more sporty version of the V8S Inmotion. With a range of 50 and 70 km respectively, and a maximum speed of 35 km/h, these are ideal for training.
If you want greater autonomy, the electric unicycle Inmotion V10F will be for you. With a range of 75 kilometers and a top speed at 40 km/h, you can make long outings.
Finally, the last two wheels released in 2022, namely the EUC Inmotion V12 HS and its second version The EUC V12 HT Inmotion will satisfy you if you master and want power above all. The first, the V12 “HS” (“High Speed”) benefits from a 2500W engine for a top speed of 70km/h, while the second, the V12 HT (“High torque”) has a more powerful engine 2800W for a maximum speed of 60 km/h.

However, if you favor comfort above all, then the first electric unicycle with suspension, the V11 Inmotion, will convince you. With its large 18 ”tire and 2200W engine, it offers exceptional comfort for ever longer excursions. Its battery allows a maximum speed of 50 km/h and a range of approximately 120 km.
If you want airlines or spare tires, do not hesitate to check our stocks of Inmotion spare parts!
For more comfort and power, you can order the new Inmotion V13 Challenger EUC, with 2 independent suspensions, a 4500W motor and a 3024 Wh battery.

If you want, you can compare with our Kingsong unicycles, which are available in several sizes.

We remind you that liability insurance is compulsory to drive this type of vehicle. In addition, we highly recommend the use of a helmet. The use of a smartphone or a walkman is prohibited while you are driving.