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GREEN220 is launching its trade-in offer to encourage the renewal of vehicles.
If you're looking to upgrade to a more powerful, comfortable and modern model of electric scooter or unicycle, Green220 can help and support you.
Do you have an old Xiaomi electric scooter lying around in your garage that you no longer need because of a weak battery? Is your old Inmotion V3 no longer usable because it can only cover 2 kilometres? Want to move upmarket and save money on your first suspension wheel?
It's spring, so make the most of it!

How does it work?

  1. You send a video of your product in operation, with the model and the number of kilometres to You will also need to provide the original purchase invoice for your vehicle.
  2. We will look at and estimate the cost of the trade-in, which we will send you by return e-mail within 48 hours (working days / excluding weekends and public holidays).
  3. You return your product to us in suitable packaging. We offer free transport for France. For other countries, you will be responsible for these costs. You can also make an appointment to drop it off at our workshop in the Lille region.
  4. Once the product has been received, our workshop will assess your product and confirm the value of the trade-in. You will then receive a voucher for the product of your choice from the list of eligible products only.

What products are eligible?

Taking back the old appliance

Note : only the products listed above are eligible for a voucher when you take back your vehicle (depending on the condition and mileage of the vehicle taken back).

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that we also offer payment in several instalments, thanks to our partner ALMA! There will be no extra charge for payment in 2 or 3 instalments...
And you can even pay up to 10 times within mainland France.

What is an PLEV?

PLEV stands for Personal Light Electric Vehicle. It is a term used to designate a type of micro-mobility vehicle, intended for a single person and meeting specific criteria :

  • There's no place to sit: you stand on the machine to get around.
  • For one person only: it is not designed to carry passengers.
  • No cargo compartment: it is not used to transport bulky objects.
  • Electric motor: powered by an electric motor and emitting no exhaust gases.
  • Limited speed: its maximum speed is more than 6 km/h but no more than 25 km/h.

The PLEV category includes : electric scooters, electric unicycles, hoverboards and electric skates.

What is an PLEV?