Our robotic lawnmowers comparison : How do you choose your Ambrogio robotic lawnmower?

How do you choose your Ambrogio robotic lawnmower?

What is a robot lawnmower?

A robotic lawnmower is an autonomous device that mows the lawn without human intervention. It is equipped with an electric motor, a blade and a navigation system. The robot mower runs randomly across the lawn, cutting the grass into small pieces. The small pieces of grass are then left on the ground, helping to fertilise the lawn.

Robotic mowers are appreciated for their general ease of use, their efficiency and, of course, their silence. You don't have to leave the house to mow your lawn, which is cut evenly and regularly.

Perimeter wire robotic mowers are the most common. They use a perimeter wire to mark out the area to be mown. The robot mower follows the boundary wire to mow the lawn evenly.

Robotic mowers without a boundary wire do not require a boundary wire. They use a navigation system to mow the lawn. Cordless robotic mowers are more expensive than corded robotic mowers, but they are also more versatile.

Connected robot mowers can be controlled remotely via a mobile app. Connected robot mowers can be used to programme mowing times, check the condition of the lawn and receive notifications of any problems.

Which Ambrogio robot mower should you choose?

Green220 offers a wide range of Ambrogio robot mowers. But you still need to choose the right model to get the most suitable mowing robot for your garden. There are a number of criteria to consider (mowing surface, slope of the land, price, etc.) when choosing the ideal robot mower.

Mowing area

The size of your garden, and more specifically the mowing surface, will be the first criterion to take into account. Ambrogio offers two ranges:

  • The range of peripheral cordless mowing robots, which can be used immediately.
  • The range of robotic mowers with a boundary wire

The first range includes the Ambrogio L60 Elite mowing robot (for a maximum mowing area of 200 m2) and the Ambrogio L60 Elite + mowing robot for a doubled mowing area of 400 m2.

The second range includes the Ambrogio L15 Deluxe mowing robot (with a working area of 600 m2) and the Ambrogio L32 Deluxe, which can mow a lawn of up to 800 m2. The mowing zones can be defined several times, with a maximum of 4 zones including the main one.

The slope of the land

If your lawn is fairly flat, the question doesn't arise. However, your lawn may be sloping, with bumps or embankments. In this case, using a robotic lawnmower that can cope with varying degrees of incline is a must.

Ambrogio robotic mowers without perimeter cables can work without difficulty on slopes of up to 50%, i.e. an angle of more than 25°. Robotic mowers requiring a perimeter wire are at ease on working areas with slopes of up to 35%, i.e. an angle of almost 20°.

Your choice

As you can see, the L60 Elite and L60 Elite + models are the most powerful and can mow larger lawns. They are also equipped with a mulching system, which leaves small pieces of grass on the lawn and helps to fertilise it.

The L15 Deluxe and L32 Deluxe models are less powerful, but are ideal for smaller lawns. They are also equipped with a mulching system.

Price? Value for money?

Choosing the best model depends on your needs and your budget. If you have a large lawn and are looking for a powerful, high-performance model, the L60 Elite or L60 Elite + are the best choices. If you have a small lawn and a limited budget, the L15 Deluxe or L32 Deluxe are good options.

Still not sure? Our robot mower comparison table will give you all the technical information you need at a glance. By comparing the number of mowing zones, the surface area mown, with or without perimeter wire installation, working and charging times... You'll know everything so you can make your decision as calmly as possible.

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