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robot mower Ambrogio L32 Deluxe Robot Lawn Mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L32 Deluxe Robot Lawn Mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L32 Deluxe Robot Lawn Mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L32 Deluxe Robot Lawn Mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L32 Deluxe Robot Lawn Mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L32 Deluxe Robot Lawn Mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L32 Deluxe Robot Lawn Mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L32 Deluxe Robot Lawn Mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L32 Deluxe Robot Lawn Mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L32 Deluxe Robot Lawn Mower
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Ambrogio L32 Deluxe Robot Lawn Mower

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Payment in 10 instalments, only available for France.
  • Working area up to 800 m2
  • Autonomous, automatic charging
  • Up to 4 mowing zones including the main one
  • 4-pointed star blade with 25 cm diameter
  • Simple and intuitive control panel
  • Can be used on slopes of up to 35% without difficulty

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robot lawn mower ambrogio l32 deluxe

The most powerful model in Ambrogio's "green line" range, the L32 Deluxe robotic lawnmower is sure to surprise.

Configuration and use

First things first: configuration! Thanks to its instruction manual and integrated kit explaining the steps to follow, the L32 Deluxe is very easy to set up. All you need to do is fully charge your machine before using it for the first time, and you're ready to go.

The machine has a touch-sensitive keypad with a start and stop button and a PAUSE button. There's also a HOME button, to call the machine back to its cradle, and an AUTO button, which corresponds to the machine's pre-recorded programme. On this screen, the battery level is indicated and an ALERT button lights up in the event of a machine error. The interface is easy to understand and fun to use, with just enough buttons to operate the robot properly.

Motor and battery

The L32 Deluxe robotic lawnmower has a 2.5 Ah, 25.9 V lithium-ion battery. It's an efficient power source for the maximum mowing capacity it offers. The battery recharges completely in around 1 hour. And what's more, this robotic lawnmower recharges automatically! In other words, unlike other robotic lawnmowers, such as the Ambrogio L60 Elite and L60 Elite S+ models, which simply stop working when the battery is discharged, this robot will return to its base autonomously.

The robotic mower is equipped with a high-efficiency brushless motor. This is a type of electric motor that uses magnets instead of traditional brushes, creating a magnetic field that turns the rotor, the rotating part of the blade. More efficient, faster and more durable than a conventional brush motor, this type of motor delivers higher performance.


If you're not familiar with the brand, the Ambrogio 'green line' is a range of robotic mowers designed to meet the needs of users looking for an efficient machine with a small mowing area. As a reminder, our L32 Deluxe robot mower has a maximum mowing surface of 800m2. With its 100 m boundary wire, the machine is capable of mowing on slopes of 35% (permissible 45%), which is equivalent to between 19°C and 24°C. You can program 4 virtual mowing zones in addition to the main one. Practical for dividing up the machine's workload.

Product quality

The rear notched wheels give the machine a firm grip on the ground. This way, whatever the terrain (mud, stones, etc.), the L32 Deluxe will always find a way through. The cutting speed is 3,000 rpm and thanks to the 'mulching effect' of the 4-tooth star blade, a lawn-mowing technique that involves finely chopping the grass cuttings and leaving them on the lawn rather than collecting them, it reduces green waste, saves time and helps to nourish and protect your lawn.

As well as being efficient, the robot mower is also quiet. The L32 Deluxe is rated at 59dB, compared with 90dB to 100dB for conventional thermal mowers. So once you're inside your house, you'll hear (almost) nothing.

Features and accessories

You can connect the device via Bluetooth to the brand's Ambrogio Remote application. This app lets you configure all the settings of your robotic lawnmower directly on your smartphone. It also lets you update your machine, download instruction manuals and drive your L32 Deluxe manually.

  • Charger
  • Charging station
  • Perimeter wire and nails to hold it down
  • Wire seals
  • A cutting adjustment key to set the cutting height of your appliance (between 25 and 60 mm).

Note that some of these accessories, such as the blade, battery and charger, are available for purchase on our website in the spare parts section.


Data sheet

L32 Deluxe
537 x 415 x 252 mm
10.7 kg
Battery type
Lithium ion
Battery power
2.5Ah / 25.9V
Charging time
Max slope
35% (permissible 45%)
Perimeter wire, rain sensor, adjustment of cutting height, keypad & LED, button emergency
Engine type
Noise power
59 dB
Average working time
Charging method
Max mowing area
env. 800m2
Mowing height (min-max)
25 - 60 mm
Blade type
4-point star
Blade diameter
250 mm (9,84")
Cutting speed
3000 RPM
Guide Transmitter
Frequency range 500 - 60000 Hz
Managed areas
4 virtual areas
ECO mode
ECO mode as standard
Terminal return method
By cable
Accessories included
Cable (100m)
Cable seal
Charging station
Cutting height adjustment key
Power supply