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robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite Robot Lawn mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite Robot Lawn mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite Robot Lawn mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite Robot Lawn mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite Robot Lawn mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite Robot Lawn mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite Robot Lawn mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite Robot Lawn mower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L60 Elite Robot Lawn mower
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Ambrogio L60 Elite Robot Lawn mower

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Payment in 10 instalments, only available for France.
  • Working area up to 200 m2
  • No perimeter cable installation, immediate start-up.
  • Various terrain recognition sensors
  • 4-pointed star blade with 25 cm diameter
  • Simple and intuitive control panel
  • Possibility of working without difficulty on slopes of up to 50%.

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robot lawn mower ambrogio l60 elite

The little sister of the L60 Elite S+, the L60 Elite robotic lawnmower results in many qualities for excellent value for money!

Configuration and installation

First thing to know, the L60 Elite from Ambrogio comes ready to use. In other words, there's no installation or adjustments to be made before the appliance is switched on for the first time. Once it's out of the box, simply place it on your lawn and you're ready to go!

On the touch-sensitive keypad, you'll find your machine's essential buttons. Firstly, the ON/OFF button, the START/PAUSE button and the STOP button. Simple, easy-to-understand controls that allow anyone to get to grips with the machine.

Motor and battery

The L60 Elite robotic lawnmower has two brushless motors (one for cutting and one for starting), enabling it to mow at a speed of around 18 metres per minute. The 5-amp-hour, 25.9-volt battery provides 2 hours of cutting autonomy. It will take 3 hours for the battery to be fully recharged. In this case, you'll need to charge the robot mower manually, i.e. carry the appliance to its charging cradle.


This robot mower has a total mowing capacity of 200 m2 and can climb slopes of 40% (22°C) or even 50% (26.5°C). Its heavy-duty 4-point steel star blade cuts grass 25 cm wide and 48 mm high. Your robot mower will leave behind the cuttings, known as mulching. This keeps the soil fresher and moister, but also enhances the growth and well-being of your lawn. What's more, the machine rotates at a speed of 4,000 revolutions per minute, which is very fast indeed. Finally, you can attach a mowing area to the machine, which is enough for a garden of up to 200 m2.

Product quality

The total weight of the L60 Elite robotic mower is a relatively light 8.3 kg. All 4 wheels are driven, so it works perfectly on steep and/or thorny terrain. Castors, two at the front and two at the rear, enhance the machine's stability.

The machine features a number of useful sensors:

  • Grass recognition sensors: These enable the robotic mower to detect the boundaries of the lawn to be mowed. Generally located under the robot, they enable it to navigate autonomously and mow the lawn efficiently.
  • Ditch recognition sensors (staircase recognition): Prevents the robot mower from falling down outside stairs, into the void or over uneven ground. This sensor will cause it to change direction completely, ensuring that your Ambrogio stays firmly in place.
  • Obstacle sensors: Enables the L60 Deluxe to detect obstacles (bushes, trees, rocks, etc.) and avoid hitting or damaging them. The appliance therefore operates in complete safety and avoids potential accidents.
  • Eco Mode sensor: The mowing robot recognises when the lawn has already been mowed and avoids having to mow it again.
  • Tip-over sensor: As the name suggests, this sensor alerts you and your machine if the lawn is knocked over or if it falls significantly.
  • Lifting sensor: If your L60 Elite is lifted, by you or someone else, it will stop automatically. You'll need to remember to switch it back on manually.

Features and accessories

You may be wondering why you should install a Bluetooth function on your L60 Elite robotic lawnmower. To connect the machine to the Ambrogio Remote mobile application. Available on all platforms (Google Play, Appstore), it has many advantages:

  • You can secure your machine with a PIN code (optional)
  • You can start and switch off the device directly from your smartphone
  • You can drive and control your robotic lawnmower remotely
  • You can change the status of the sensors
  • You can update and display the status of your appliance

In addition to your L60 Deluxe robotic lawnmower, certain accessories are included:

  • The charger
  • A cutting height adjustment key


An easy-to-use, ready-to-use device from the Ambrogio catalogue that lets anyone enjoy the benefits of automated mowing, that's thanks to the L60 Deluxe robotic lawnmower.


Data sheet

L60 Elite
537 x 415 x 252 mm
10.7 kg
Battery type
Lithium ion
Battery power
2.5Ah / 25.9V
Charging time
Max slope
35% (permissible 45%)
4 wheels driving
6 lawn recognition sensors
cutting height adjustment
emergency button
keypad & LEDs
void detection sensors
Engine type
Noise power
65 dB
Average working time
Charging method
Max mowing area
env. 200m2
Mowing height (min-max)
42 - 48 mm
Blade type
4-point star
Blade diameter
250 mm (9,84")
Cutting speed
4000 RPM
Managed areas
1 area
ECO mode
ECO mode as standard
Terminal return method
Accessories included
Cutting height adjustment key
Power supply