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We've grouped together our different types of robots, which could be described as "automated household appliances", in Green220's HOME category. These robots are designed to perform specific household tasks autonomously, without requiring constant human intervention. They are an integral part of the home automation revolution, providing practical and efficient solutions to simplify everyday tasks.

This category encompasses a variety of specialized robots, such as window-washing robots, robot vacuum cleaners and robot lawnmowers. What they have in common is their ability to automate specific activities related to home maintenance. These devices are often equipped with advanced sensors, intelligent software and sometimes even artificial intelligence technologies, enabling them to navigate their environment, adapt their behavior to obstacles and perform their tasks efficiently.

Our Wiizzee window cleaning robots are automated devices designed to clean glass surfaces autonomously. Equipped with sensors and navigation systems, they can detect window contours, avoid obstacles and apply effective cleaning. In comparison, Wiizzee robot vacuum cleaners are automatic devices specially designed to vacuum dirt and dust from floors. Equipped with obstacle detection sensors and mapping technologies, they can navigate interior spaces, adapting to different floor types to ensure complete, autonomous cleaning.

Finally our Ambrogio robot mowers are designed for lawn care. Equipped with cutting blades, sensors and navigation systems, it operates autonomously to mow grass evenly and regularly. Thanks to obstacle sensors, it can avoid obstacles on the ground, while mapping algorithms enable it to efficiently cover the entire lawn surface. These robotic mowers offer a practical, time- and effort-saving solution for homeowners, while maintaining well-maintained, aesthetically pleasing lawns.