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A press-selected product refers to a product that has been chosen, reviewed and recommended by journalists or reviewers in media publications such as magazines, newspapers, specialist blogs, TV shows or websites. These reviews are usually carried out by experts in the product's particular field, be it electronic gadgets, beauty products, household appliances, books, films, or other categories.

Products selected by the press are often highlighted for their quality, outstanding features, innovation, or other aspects that set them apart in the marketplace. Consumers can take these selections as indications of confidence when looking to buy a product, as they are recommended by professionals who have evaluated their performance and benefits.

The press is a great place to start.

By choosing a product selected and tested by the press, you benefit from several advantages including, for example:

  • Credibility and Confidence: Press-selected products have been evaluated by independent experts, reinforcing credibility and consumer confidence in product quality.
  • Brand Recognition: Products that receive press accolades can benefit from increased public recognition, which can positively influence brand perception.
  • Better Information:Press reviews often provide detailed information on product features, performance and benefits, helping consumers to make informed decisions.
  • Easy Comparisons: Press selections can include comparisons with other similar products on the market, making the decision-making process easier for consumers.
  • Innovation and Quality: Products selected by the press are often recognized for their innovation, superior quality or exceptional functionality, offering consumers the assurance that they are investing in a high-performance product.
  • Reducing Purchase Risk: By choosing a product recommended by the press, consumers reduce the risk of dissatisfaction, as they can have greater confidence in the product's quality and performance.
  • Access to Quality Products: Products selected by the press are often a guarantee of quality, giving consumers access to items that meet high standards in terms of workmanship and performance.
  • Media Reputation: The reputation of the media outlet that selected the product can add an extra layer of trust, as consumers tend to trust well-established and respected sources.

MAJ January 2024: After the Hiley Tiger 8 Pro andthe Wiizzee WS5 Max electric scooter, it's now the turn of the Inmotion Air (in its Pro version) to be selected by French magazine Les Numériques.