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What is Ambrogio?

The Ambrogio brand is the brainchild of Fabrizio Bernini, a man who was fed up with mowing his lawn. In 2000, he had the idea of founding a company of autonomous robot mowers: Ambrogio. 100% Tuscany, Ambrogio offers a complete range of automatic lawnmowers to meet the needs of any size or type of garden.

Ambrogio is much more than just a brand of robotic lawnmowers: it's the perfect accessory for maintaining your garden efficiently and easily. In its catalogue, you'll find high-quality products that are committed to the environment and, above all, highly innovative.

Ambrogio products work autonomously, without human intervention. Mowing is perfect and respects the environment and your garden thanks to the "mulching" mowing system, a cutting technique that leaves the grass cuttings on the ground and acts as a natural fertiliser for your lawn.

The Ambrogio Green Line

Ambrogio's Green Line is a range of robotic mowers with a strong commitment to the environment and innovative technology.

Four products make up this range, each adapted to specific terrains. Among them is the L15 Deluxe, a lightweight, portable model designed for areas of up to 600 m2. Then there's the more modest L60 Elite, capable of mowing 200 m2 of garden. The L32 Deluxe is a surprising model offering a maximum mowing area of 800 m2, while the L60 Elite S+, a ready-to-use robot, offers 400 m2 of mowing.

"Your green butler"

The products in this range offer a small mowing area and intuitive, headache-free management of your garden. These robotic mowers, which can be described as veritable green butlers, aim to mow your lawn autonomously and efficiently. Combining advanced technology, ease of use and optimum performance, they're sure to win you over.

Ambrogio robotic lawnmowers can be adapted to any situation, from a small garden to a large sloping plot. They take care of your lawn with precision and without any effort on your part. What's more, their 100% Italian design can assure you of unfailing quality and durability.

Finally, by choosing an Ambrogio product, you're opting for excellent, environmentally-friendly mowing in all circumstances.