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robot mower Ambrogio L15 Deluxe Robot Lawnmower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L15 Deluxe Robot Lawnmower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L15 Deluxe Robot Lawnmower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L15 Deluxe Robot Lawnmower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L15 Deluxe Robot Lawnmower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L15 Deluxe Robot Lawnmower
  • robot mower Ambrogio L15 Deluxe Robot Lawnmower
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Ambrogio L15 Deluxe Robot Lawnmower

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  • Working area up to 600 m2
  • Autonomous, automatic charging
  • Up to 4 mowing zones including the main one
  • 4-pointed star blade with 18 cm diameter
  • Simple and intuitive control panel
  • Can be used on slopes of up to 35% without difficulty

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robot lawn mower ambrogio l15 deluxe

Compact, light and precise, the L15 Deluxe is the second most powerful model in Ambrogio's green line.

Configuration and use

The Ambrogio L15 Deluxe is easy to handle, just like its big sister, the L32 Deluxe. The instruction manual provides all the information you need to get the machine up and running. But don't forget to charge your robot mower before using it for the first time!

The control panel is very easy to use. There's an ON/OFF button for switching on and off, a START/PAUSE button for suspending the current operation, and an AUTO button for activating automatic operation. An indicator light shows you the status of your appliance (on, off, operating error) and a battery indicates its charge level. Finally, it has a rain sensor that stops it immediately if it comes into contact with rain.

Engine and battery

The Ambrogio L15 Deluxe is equipped with a brushless motor, which is more powerful and efficient than a conventional motor. It makes the blade turn faster, so mowing is more efficient. The 2.5 Ah, 25.9 V lithium-ion battery takes around 1 hour to fully charge. What's more, it provides between 2 h and 4 h of work after a full charge cycle. The most practical feature is automatic charging. When it runs out of battery, it automatically returns to its base. So there's no need to take it to its charging cradle.


Don't let its futuristic lines fool you. The L15 Deluxe robot lawnmower is perfectly suited to working in green spaces of up to 600m2. It slips easily through gardens and winding terrain and can cope with slopes of 35% to 45% (19°C - 24°C). Its 4-pointed star blade rotates 4,200 times a minute for a mowing height (adjustable) of 25 to 70 mm. This makes it a high-performance mowing robot. What's more, you can define 4 virtual mowing zones in place of the main one. If you have a large garden, this can be very practical.

Product quality

Weighing in at just 7 kg, the Ambrogio L15 Deluxe robot lawnmower has an 18-centimetre blade. This makes it a space-saving machine with a blade the same size as the other models in the range, such as the L60 Elite and L60 Elite S+. It has wide rear wheels for good grip on the ground. The robot is waterproof to IPx5. Finally, this is a quiet machine. Its noise level is 59 dB, compared with 90 to 100 dB for conventional thermal mowers.

Features and accessories

You can connect your appliance to the Ambrogio Remote app via Bluetooth. This app lets you configure the settings of your robotic lawnmower directly from your smartphone. You can also perform updates, download instruction manuals and manually control your Ambrogio L32 Deluxe.

The following accessories are included in the box:

  • Charger
  • Charging station
  • Perimeter wire and retaining nails
  • Wire seals
  • A cutting adjustment key to set the cutting height of your appliance (between 25 and 70 mm)

Some of these accessories are available for purchase on our website in the spare parts section.

In short, the L15 Deluxe robotic lawnmower makes managing your lawn simple and hassle-free. It's part of the "green line" range of robotic lawnmowers designed to meet the needs of users looking for an efficient machine with a small mowing area.


Data sheet

L15 Deluxe
290 x 420 x 220 mm
7.1 kg
Battery type
Lithium ion
Battery power
2.5Ah / 25.9V
Charging time
Max slope
35% (permissible 45%)
Perimeter cable, rain sensor, cutting height adjustment, emergency button
Engine type
Noise power
59 dB
Average working time
Charging method
Max mowing area
env. 600m2
Mowing height (min-max)
25 - 70 mm
Blade type
4-point star
Blade diameter
180 mm (7,08")
Cutting speed
4200 RPM
Guide Transmitter
Frequency range 500 - 60000 Hz
Managed areas
4 virtual areas
ECO mode
ECO mode as standard
Terminal return method
By cable
Accessories included
Cable (100m)
Cable seal
Charging station
Cutting height adjustment key
Power supply