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  • Home Wiizzee NV01 Window Cleaning Robot
  • Home Wiizzee NV01 Window Cleaning Robot
  • Home Wiizzee NV01 Window Cleaning Robot
  • Home Wiizzee NV01 Window Cleaning Robot
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Wiizzee NV01 Window Cleaning Robot

299 €   Tax included

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Tired of spending hours washing your windows? Entrust this task to the Wiizzee window cleaning robot for perfect, effortless results.

Operating voltage: 24V

Window cleaning robot Nominal power: 72 W 

Mains charger :

  • Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz 
  • Output: 24V 3.0A 
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Wiizzee NV01 Window Cleaning Robot

With the Wiizzee NV01 window cleaning robot, opt for effortless cleaning indoors and outdoors for clean windows all year round!

What is the NV01 window cleaning robot worth?

Designed to clean windows autonomously, a window cleaning robot uses sensors to detect window edges and avoid obstacles. It also has squeegees and pads to clean the surface of the glass.


Wiizzee's new window cleaning robot promises effortless window cleaning. With a pressure that's neither too low nor too high at 2,500 Pascal, the NV01 window cleaning robot is capable of effectively cleaning windows and glass surfaces. Its 500 mAh, 14.8 V battery provides effective power and autonomy for this type of product.

Wiizzee's ingenious window cleaning robot can control its own trajectory without human intervention. Finally, two infrared sensors on the front and rear of the device enable it to detect objects and obstacles in the vicinity. So you don't have to worry about a thing - the window cleaning robot is autonomous.


Equipped with a 70 ml reservoir into which you can add water and/or window cleaning liquid, coupled with an intelligent automatic water spray system, the NV01 robot cleans windows efficiently without wasting water.

The Wiizzee NV01 window cleaning robot offers 3 different cleaning modes. The first (N mode) uses an efficient N-shaped trajectory to clean evenly. The second (Z mode) uses a Z-shaped trajectory to clean stubborn stains more effectively. Finally, the deep cleaning mode consists of 2 cleanings and combines the N and Z paths. So it's up to you to choose the power of your robot according to how dirty your windows are.

If you feel like taking control of the appliance, a remote control* is available. This lets you move the robot manually, change the cleaning mode or spray water where you want.

Good to know, the device can be used via wifi using the TUYA app available on Android and iOS.

* AAA batteries for remote control not included.


Despite its size of 21.5 x 21.5 x 8 cm (the dimensions of an average book) and its light weight of 1.3 kg, it is essential to secure the device when it is in use. To this end, a safety cord to attach to the NV01 window cleaning robot is supplied to prevent falls.

If the window cleaner is disconnected from the mains, it will alert you with an alarm. It also has a safety mode: 20 minutes of suction. This gives you plenty of time to recover it or reconnect it.

Finally, the device's window frame detection function means it won't damage your windows.


Two washable and reusable microfibre cleaning cloths are supplied with the NV01 window cleaner. Fitted with Velcro strips, all you have to do is snap them onto the unit.

As well as being a useful device, the Wiizzee NV01 robot is an environmentally-friendly product that will use water intelligently and with reusable accessories.

Why choose the Wiizzee NV01?

Tired of spending hours washing your windows? Entrust this task to the Wiizzee NV01 window cleaning robot, very practical for washing hard-to-reach windows or for people who have difficulty cleaning windows by hand.


Data sheet

21,5 x 21,5 x 8cm
1,3 Kg
Battery power
500 mAh / 14,8 V
70ml tank for water or glass fluid
Intelligent automatic spraying
Remote control to regain control
Trajectory management control
2500 Pa
Cleaning mode
Deep Clean Mode (N+Z Path, cleans 2 times)
N mode (auto clean, 1 time)
Z mode (heavy stains)


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